Helping companies solve their plastic challenges

AION guides their customers to shift their plastic waste challenges into valuable solutions. AION’s team of experts achieve this by conducting detailed analyses on their customers plastic product value chain and provide a roadmap towards reducing their virgin plastic use, incorporating recycled plastic, and avoiding plastic waste generation.


  • Aker BioMarine


  • Aker BioMarine
Dive Deeper

AION is a norway-based company whose purpose is to industrially scale a circular plastic economy.

AION have successfully developed a fully circular product offering with digital traceability provided through their proprietary software platform, AION Loop, for a range of customers such as McDonalds, HAVI, Sodexo, KAOS and Mester Grønn.

The products that have a tailored, traceable and circular value chain within these companies include trays, transportation pallets, shopping baskets, take away boxes, fishing nets and rope.


Circular Economy

There are 10 principles of a circular economy that AION are committed to:

  1. Take leadership for a Circular Economy
  2. Transition existing business models to circular alternatives
  3. Develop product and service portfolio fr circular models
  4. Convert regenerative processes, production and operations
  5. Share resources
  6. Treat own assets to maximize life, resource utilisation and recycling
  7. Increase circular procurements
  8. Work torwards business conditions that foster circularity
  9. Collaborate up, down and across value chain to maximize circularity
  10. Prioritize technology development and data-driven circular economy